Previously known as The Nathan and Jathan Show on Z100 FM KWEW, the comedic duo return after 10 long years out in the wild. Nathan and Jathan are both radio personality back in 2010. They were initially brought in by Joe Glennis, who discovered the young talent after putting them live on his Seattle Radio Show. During the summer of 2010, they joke around, comment, and share laughter as they play soul music on a live radio show. They’re unapologetic attitude and their witty personality has attracted many and has grown more listeners that summer. After Z100 sudden closure, they’ve decided to live their own lives, moved to different states, and both remained best friends ever since. They’re now back home in Seattle where they plan to continue their journey by entering the podcast world. Listen to Season 1 with 35 Episodes. Plus, Season 2 is finally here!
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